Scan/US Help Maps and Data Point-to-MG Cross-reference

Export point-to-MicroGrid cross-reference

Export cross-reference of points to the MicroGrids within which they fall.

This effectively assigns a grid code to a point.

Background: A cross-reference is built, internally, whenever data is loaded from one layer onto another.

So, if you want a cross-reference, you must see to it that some data is loaded.

Step by Step

Make MicroGrids the active layer, and from the Scan/US Data Menu, choose "Data From Other Layers.."

The dialog will appear, with '12 MicroGrids selected as the target layer (above right of dialog)

In the listbox on the left, scroll down (if necessary) until you see the point layer for which you wish to create a points-to-MicroGrids cross reference, and check the checkbox next to that point layer.

It will show "+ Object counts" as one of the data items in "data available on selected source layer". And on the right, it will show "Object Counts" for your layer, within the box "data resulting on selected target layer".

Click OK.

The cross reference has been created, and now you can export it.

  • From the Object menu, choose object manager, the grid layer as active layer.
  • In object manager follow the procedure to check off all the grids in your study area: select them all, then check the selected objects.
  • Now, at the center bottom of the Object Manager dialog, a drop-down menu is the rightmost of four buttons. Click it and choose Export Cross-reference.
  • A file save dialog will appear, and you can choose the filename to save. This will be your objects-to-Microgrid cross reference.
  • View the exported file in Excel to see the point names, the grid code, and the weighting (1.0) of locations in the grid.