Scan/US Help Getting Started Screencasts Directory

Basics 1 & Site Express

Screencast: The 5 mode buttons in Scan/US (2:00) more info at Basics 1

Screencast: Census Geographies with Data (3:50) more info at Basics 1
Screencast: Postal Geographies with Data (4:45) more info at Basics 1
Screencast: Demographic site reports with Scan/US Site Express (3:42) more info at "Basics 1, Site Express" and Site Express
Screencast: Use Site Express to create many demographic site reports. (5:10) more info at "Site Express, TOC"

Basics 2

Screencast: Customize a Map with Rings With ZIPs at 3333 Bristol (8:36) more info at Basics 2
Screencast: How to add logos to your Scan/US map (2:25) more info at "Basics 2, Symbols folders"
Screencast: One Mile Annular Rings data Export (6:17) more info at Basics 2, white BG and Working Excel," ImportLocations

Basics 3

Screencast: The Villages Florida. Scan/US Data Layers (13:01) more info at Basics 4 and beyond
Screencast: Create Editable Polygon with Thematic Map (3:08) more info at Basics 3, editing objects Basics 4, editing objects"

Basics 4

Screencast: How to read a location file and customize the map with custom graphics and data labels (5:15) more info at "Basics 4, Working with Excel and Classify by Value, locations

Screencast: "How to use GoTo and Classify by value with Scan/US Microgrids (Filter by groups, show/hide groups)" (4:31) more info at "Goto, Classify by value, Filter by objects in checked groups, Show/Hide Groups"
Screencast: "Comparing two trade areas (interactive grouping, comparison with QuickLook)" (3:20),,"Grouping interactively, comparing groups"

Basics 5

Screencast: "Two ways to do a trade area heat map (group by object, classify by value, data layers)" (5:26) more info at Basics 5

Saving a Map Theme (advanced)

Screencast: Save Map Theme and Set Default Map Theme (4:15) more info at How to customize map layers

When to use "data from other layers"

Screencast: Load customer spottings and use "Data from Other layers" to aggregate and make a heat map (6:02) more info at Data from other layers