Scan/US Premium Subscription: Daytime

Scan/US Premium Subscription: Daytime adds business & employment counts to the demographic databases and intuitive mapping software of your Standard subscription.

You can do trade area analysis, territory creation, demographic reports, maps of income distributions in neighborhoods all across the United States, all on your desktop. Or, if you're on the go, your laptop.

This affordable subscription, updated each year, gives you answers about the population that lives AND works in your market areas.

Scan/US Premium Subscription: Daytime includes all the features of the Standard Subscription:

  • Get trade area demographics AND business/employment counts for all standard data layers.
  • Automatic software and data updates
  • Create custom maps for any location in the United States
  • Generate demographic reports for any geography, including custom ring areas and polygons
  • Create thematic maps, color-coded by any of the hundreds of available demographic variables
  • Build territory maps with Scan/US Grouping...with over 7 different techniques
  • Create and save your own location, ring & polygon layers
  • Export map images for use in other applications
  • A strong combination of mapping and demographics, made accessible with intuitive software.

Scan/US Business

The Scan/US Premium Subscription: Daytime and the market comparison and occupation summary reports draw their data from the Scan/US Business 2023 databases.

Scan/US Business 2023 presents geographic summaries of data from a comprehensive, industry-standard business list of over thirteen million establishments covering one hundred and forty eight million employees. Establishment and employment data are classified by standard industry categories (SIC and NAICS), establishment size, a custom business type with focus on land-use, and employee occupation. Summaries are available for all standard levels of geography, including US, states, MSAs, places, counties, county subdivisions, Zip codes, census tracts, block groups and Scan/US microgrids.


Business and Demographic Updates

Demographic updates are at the heart of the Scan/US subscription products.

For over 20 years, Scan/US, Inc. has delivered annual demographic mapping updates to its customers. The Scan/US Standard Subscription provides current-year updates and 5-year projections, as well as standard Census reference data from 1990, 2000, and 2010, for trend analysis.

The Scan/US Premium Edition: Daytime subscription adds business & employment counts to the demographics of your Standard subscription.

What if you need a further breakdown of business data: by industry, by type of business, or by type of retail business? Scan/US Inc offers this too, as an additional database to the Daytime subscription, called "Business Complete":

Read more about the Additional Business Data you can add to the Scan/US Premium Subscription, Daytime

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