Summary Business Data

Scan/US Business 2023 presents geographic summaries of the number of businesses and employees. The data source is a comprehensive, industry-standard business list of over thirteen million establishments covering one hundred and forty eight million employees.

Establishment and employment data are classified by standard industry categories (SIC and NAICS), establishment size, a custom business type with focus on land-use, and employee occupation.

Summaries are available for all standard levels of geography, including US, states, MSAs, places, counties, county subdivisions, Zip codes, census tracts, block groups and Scan/US microgrids. The data are current as of January of this year.

For purchase, the six databases are split into two groups: the two databases in the Scan/US Premium: Daytime Subscription (2023 Employees by Occupation, and 2023 Business Summary, shown directly below), and the Scan/US Premium: Business Complete, which adds Business by Industry (both NAICS), Business by Type, and Retail (NAICS) databases

Business Summary & Employees by Occupation (Scan/US Premium: Daytime Subscription)

2023 Employees by Occupation

2023 Business Summary

The national Business Summary add-on database is $1,395. Price including Premium Subscription, Daytime: $2,890

Sample Reports (PDF)

Business Complete

The Scan/US Business Complete add-on database package adds three more databases to the two in Daytime Premium: Businesses by Type, Businesses by Industry & Retail Business.

2023 Business by Industry (by NAICS)

2023 Business by Type (by NAICS)

2023 Retail (NAICS)

The national Business Complete add-on database is $1995. Price including Premium Subscription, Daytime: $4,895

Sample Reports (PDF)

For more information, refer to Scan/US, Inc.'s business summary data methodology statement.

A note on NAICS and SIC:

Industry Establishments and employment are summarized by NAICS code. The NAICS (North American Industrial Classification System) coding scheme became in 1997 the national standard for identifying a firm’s primary business activity, replacing the SIC (Standard Industrial Classification) coding system used over several decades for reporting economic statistics.

NAICS was designed to more accurately reflect the changing industrial composition of US economy: the shift from manufacturing to a service-based economy, emergence of information and hi-tech industries and of large-scale retailing . Previous editions of the business database were limited to industry summary by SIC. In the source business list itself, the native industry coding employs multiple 6-digit SIC codes to describe the various facets of a firm’s business.

NAICS classification

Establishments and employment counts are reported for 104 NAICS industries. These consolidate the 1170 individual industry codes at varying levels of detail. Retail trade is summarized here at the 3-digit subsector level; an expanded list of 68 retail trade and service categories is presented separately. The industries are grouped into 21 NAICS sectors, as seen in the methodology statement.