Scan/US Support

At Scan/US, Inc., we support any Scan/US user who has a currently valid Subscription license to use Scan/US software and data products.

Users should be using the currently shipping version.

We will respond as quickly as possible to all e-mail inquiries. For immediate response, please call us directly by phone.

Phone support is available Monday-Friday,
9:00AM - 4:30PM PST, excluding holidays.

For support, please call (800) 272-2687
or send e-mail to

When requesting support via e-mail, please include your name and phone number, in case we need to speak with you directly. Please be specific in your support request message, including your current goal, and where you have run into difficulty.

Please include in your email the current build version of the software, available in the Help menu (About Scan/US...), as pictured on this page.

A full complement of help files is available by choosing "Contents" from the Help menu, or you can choose

You should call or email for information on product updates: this menu entry is reserved for future use.

Introductory screencast videos which match the Basics 1-2-3-4-5 series and other sequences may be found on YouTube. Here is a directory of the videos.