Scan/US DriveTime

Scan/US DriveTime is a high performance drive time generator which produces drive time polygons, taking into account traffic conditions and type of roadway.

Defining a proposed trade area based on radial rings is popular and traditional, but sometimes you need to look at a trade area based on how your customers get to the store.

The Challenge:

Finding the right site can be time-consuming.

Market researchers routinely evaluate market potential and site selection suitability by examining local demographics, competitor locations and logistical factors within a proposed trade area. But what about how long it takes customers to get to the store?

The Solution:

DriveTime uses sophisticated spatial analysis technology to define trade areas based on travel time from a proposed site.

DriveTime can be used to produce polygons representing the area which can be driven from a specified point within a specified amount of time under user specified traffic conditions DriveTime calculates drive times quickly and efficiently, and provides flexibility for user specified road conditions and speed limit assignments.

DriveTime capability is included with all Scan/US subscriptions.