Scan/US Data Viewer: QuickLook

QuickLook is a demographic data viewer you can use to look at a single object or group of objects.

Compare the demographics of your trade areas to each other, or to national benchmarks.

The QuickLook window provides immediate access to all the variables in the current database in Scan/US, for any selected object.

You can examine data summaries, averages, and percentages for groups of objects.

  • Examine demographic data for any object on the map.
  • Compare data for objects on different layers
  • Toggle between counts and percentages for selected variables.
  • Display data for 1 or 2 objects at a time
  • View specific data items in a collapsed view
  • Export QuickLook data to Microsoft Excel
  • Print or save demographic reports for the selected object or group

The Quicklook data viewer for demographic data is a built-in part of all Scan/US Subscriptions.