Scan/US Geocoding Services

Here’s how it works.  Send us your street address file in any form the geocoder supports.  It can be comma- or tab-delimited, or dBase .dbf file, or Microsoft Excel database (.xls).  

For best results, your input file must contain the address, city & state for your locations. ZIP codes are optional.

The header row should read "Address" for the street address column, "City" for the city column, "State" for the state column, and "ZIP" for the zip code (if there is one.) If your header names are different, that is okay, but there must be names of some kind in the first row.

Call us toll free at 800 272 2687 to setup the transfer of your file(s), and we will process it, using the Scan/US Geocoder.  We will be able to tell you how many locations match – and you pay only for matched locations. 

We'll return the file via download or email, so you can plot the locations on your map, without the need to type them all in yourself, or without the need to purchase and install the Scan/US desktop geocoder.

How much does it cost?   There is a $200 setup or “run fee”, which also covers the first one thousand records.  After that, you pay $25 per thousand records, with higher discounts for orders of more than 10,000 records.
A $200 setup fee applies per file (also covers the first one thousand records)
Number of Records Cost Per Record Cost Per Thousand
1001 - 10,000 $0.025 $25.00
10,001 - 50,000 $0.020 $20.00
50,001 - 100,000 $0.015 $15.00
100,001 - 500,000 $0.013 $13.00
500,001 - 1,500,000 $0.010 $10.00

Price examples:
9,999 addresses = $425
49,999 addresses = $1,175
99,999 addresses = $1,675

Remember, you pay only for the addresses which code.  Call today or email to get a file of any size geocoded immediately.