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Scan/US Demographic Estimates

All Subscriptions:

The 2023A Demographic Estimates and 2028 Projections are the currently shipping demographics data.

Note: Before you switch to a new data release, please finish your project(s) with the prior data year first, as it will be replaced with the new data.

Please note: Consumer Spending Potential is available as an add-on subscription product (please see Price List under Products)

Scan/US Premium, Business Subscriptions:

The 2023A Business Updates are the currently shipping summary business count and employee count data.

Scan/US Software Builds

Scan/US Subscription: Version 8 Build 1732

Scan/US Desktop Geocoder: Build

ACGX Version: 23-04

Drivetime Database: 02/13/2023

Scan/US Software Updates

The page you are reading now is where to check to see if you need to install a software update. The software build numbers and database release dates shown above are the information you need to check, against what is installed on your own system. We DO email everyone when updates are available, so you don't need to check back to this page, but since email is not foolproof we provide this information as a convenience so you can check for yourself.

Please email "support" at "" or call the 800 number to request an update, or if you think you may need one. Here's something to keep in mind when you do install your update: you must have Administrator privileges on your computer in order for update setups to install correctly. Therefore, if your IT department controls such computer functions in your company, you must obtain your IT department's help before you can download and install these update setups.

Note: How Software Updates work

All software releases are "cumulative": In other words, they contain everything up to that time. If you need to re-download the base system, it will be just as up-to-date as if you run the "update" software afterwards. So, you don't have to do that. The "software update" setups are just a convenience, which we will send to you when necessary, so you don't have to re-download the whole thing.

Documentation for Scan/US version 8.x Subscriptions

Documentation is available in two places: on your local computer in "users/yourname/documents/ScanUS/help" and from the Scan/US help menu, at

("Overview" is HTML format - download .zip file, unzip into empty folder, start with using-scanus-overview-page.html; If you wish, you may (Download 'Using Scan/US Overview')

Current Scan/US Premium, Lifestyle subscribers may download the Mosaic documentation, which is a .zip file containing both .pdf and .docx files. (Download MOSAIC Segment Descriptions)

Documentation for Scan/US Desktop Geocoder

Geocoder documentation, the Geocoder_User_Guide.pdf, may be found where the Geocoder is installed, typically in the following folder on your computer "Users\youruserid\documents\Geocoder\Geocoder_User_Guide.pdf", and you may also download the Desktop Geocoder user guide here