Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

What are the hardware/software requirements to run Scan/US?

Scan/US is a Windows desktop application: All software and data files are stored locally on your hard drive.

You do not need an active internet connection to use Scan/US programs - only to download the setup files.

You will need the following to run Scan/US version 8:

  • Windows 11, or Windows 10
  • Excel 2010, Excel 2013, Excel 2019 for report and map printing
  • ~10GB of available disk space


You will need the following to run Scan/US Geocoder:

  • Windows 11, Windows 10
  • 2.5GB of available disk space

Before I decide to buy Scan/US, I'd like to see how it works. Can I get a demonstration of the software?

We are always willing to demonstrate Scan/US software when requested, and web conferencing software makes it possible. We believe that an informed software consumer is usually a happy software consumer. And it only makes it easier when a prospective Scan/US user is fully aware and comfortable with their purchasing decision. If you'd like a live demonstration of the Scan/US program, here are the steps.

  • Call (800) 272-2687, and request to be set up with a session key for a live demo.
  • A demo is better if you can set your screen resolution to 1280x1024, or higher

Do you provide "aerial"maps/imagery?

Not directly within Scan/US. However, Scan/US version 8 can export map objects to Google Earth in order to enable such overlays.

If we buy a Scan/US license, what kind of support can we expect to receive?

We provide support to any Scan/US user who has a current license. No question is too big or too small, and you can email or call our toll-free number. In nearly all instances, your call will be answered by a real human being, not a machine.

Phone support is available Monday-Friday, 9:00AM - 4:30PM PST, excluding holidays.

For support, please call (800) 272-2687 or send e-mail to

Our company only requires demographic reports a handful of times each year.Can we just have you run the reports for us, when needed?

Contact our partners. If you have an infrequent need for "one-off" report services, please visit our friends at:

Does Scan/US offer a free trial? Can we "test-drive" the program before we make a purchase?

We do not offer trial software. Instead, we will be happy to show you whether it can or can't do something you have a question about by webcasting our screen to you - this way, you can immediately get all of your questions answered regarding the capabilities of Scan/US software.

If we buy a Scan/US license, how many of our people are allowed to install the software and use it?

1 license = 1 user. No 2 different people should ever use the same license of Scan/US at any time. If you want more people in your company to have the software, you must acquire the appropriate number of licenses for the legitimate use of the product by multiple users.

How often does Scan/US update its demographic data? Are new data updates included in the package(s)?

The database lifecycle for Scan/US demographics is semi-annual, and normally runs from March to September.

  • "Major" data updates (~February/March) replace the prior year's demographics with the current year's demographics.
  • "Maintenance" data updates are typically released in the ~August/September time frame, and include revisions made in the prior 6 month review period.
  • Software/program updates can occur at anytime, as warranted

All Scan/US Subscription Edition users receive software and data updates as a standard feature of each Subscription during the one year valid period of their licenses. However, "ala carte" add-on databases and/or map layers are not eligible for automatic updates, unless otherwise stated.

How do I place an order? Can I place an order on your web site?

We take orders for Scan/US over the phone.

When you are ready to order, just call (800) 272-2687. We will personally take down your information, verify your order details, and see that your install instructions are emailed as soon as payment is received.

If you prefer to be contacted, please leave a phone message or send a brief request via email at

Prepayment by credit card is preferred, or you can opt to pay by check. Please be aware that software only ships upon receipt of payment.

If you require an invoice for payment processing, we will gladly provide it. Please request a pre-purchase proposal if you have not received complete purchase authorization.

For after-hours contact, please email us at, and we will respond as soon as we can.